Wheyfeed part of ForFarmers

Wheyfeed has been providing a service to the dairy and livestock sectors for over 50 years, initially transporting whey and skim milk to farmers in the East Midlands. Recently Wheyfeed became part of the ForFarmers Dry, Moist & Liquid (DML) feed business, with pig, dairy and beef farmers now able to access a wider range of liquid feeds and co-products. For more information on the range of feed co-products available contact ForFarmers DML.

We are further developing the sales and distribution activities of liquid feed into the pig sector, which is complementary to our Homemix Nutrition business where we will provide a ‘total feed business’ solution to our pig feed customers in the UK. For more information on liquid feeding of pigs please follow the link to the Homemix part of our business.

Today Wheyfeed part of ForFarmers offers companies in the food, drink and biofuel industries an economic and environmentally beneficial solution to their co-product streams throughout UK as well as providing an efficient logistics service for collection and delivery. For more information on Anaerobic digestion and Biogas production contact FM BioEnergy, a division of ForFarmers.